Industries Served

From large industrial projects to small residential work, Capital Steel has you covered.  Our in-house engineering ability and large 40,000sq/ft on-site warehouse outfitted with the latest equipment allows for us to meet a vast variety of requirements.  Whether an intricate reproduction of historic architecture, or an integrated staircase and rails, we are able to create a solution that will best suit your project's particular needs and requirements. 


water treatment

Water Treatment

Water Treatment & Wastewater Facilities
We are able to fabricate significant steel infrastructures found in water treatment plants.  Complimented by our in house engineering ability, we are able to provide a one stop solution for both new build construction projects as well as existing facility development.

parks & gardens

Public Parks & Gardens

Urban Parks & Spaces
We are proud to be the fabricator of choice for many of the area’s local parks and public open spaces. We fabricate a wide array of decorative gates, arches, railings, awnings, and canopies, as well as restoration work for monuments, statues, murals, and art.

historic restoration

Historic Restoration

We have extensive experience providing custom steel fabrication for the historic restoration of lighthouses, historic chimneys, buildings, arches, monuments, and many other special projects. This includes precise attention to detail for the replication of original elements including railings, stairways, decking, bands, gates, brackets, and other ornamental pieces.

power generation & utility

Power Generation & Utility

We have been providing steelwork infrastructure for Power Projects for the last 40 years. We can fabricate large-scale items such as steel stacks, liners and ductwork, as well as smaller items including curved stairways for tanks and silos, ladders, platforms, railings, grating, etc.   We help develop new build projects and  support clients with quick turnaround deadlines in line with outage requirements. 

heavy equipment

Heavy Equipment

We  fabricate custom components for heavy plant and equipment, our in-house design team supports 3D modeling and component design. Complemented by our weld procedures and third party QA/QC dedicated contracts we are the ideal solution to major component repairs and replication.  We provide fabrication of specialized weldments for heavy equipment ranging from fatigue repairs to replacement of damaged and worn components supporting local heavy equipment suppliers as well as the agricultural sector.

industrial construction

Industrial Construction

We are able to provide a wide range of  customized pieces associated with Industrial construction, whether large or small. Our engineers work with both General Contractors and Sub contractors to develop in house fabrication drawings and support tight schedules from award to release for installation.  Our fabrication abilities are complemented by our field crews who have extensive experience in rigging, fit up and troubleshooting installation challenges.


Commercial Construction

Our competitive approach ensures our service will be of interest to commercial applications. Whether you have a requirement for the entire project steelwork scope to be quoted or specific work packages we are able to provide comprehensive solutions.   Structural steel, Access steelwork, Architectural Steelwork and Custom Steelwork.


Residential Construction

We create custom steelwork for residential properties on a regular basis. Our in-house engineering, complemented by generations of hands on experience, allow us to support the development of a vision to the creation of a lasting feature at an individual’s residency. We are able to develop an individual visions to make them a reality.

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